Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

At North East Joint & Wellness, we take a great deal of pride in the wide variety of services that we can provide to our patients. One of the unique treatment options that we provide comes in the form of stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy in Fort Wayne can be an effective treatment option for a number of conditions. There are a few common questions that people have when they come to see a stem cell doctor in the local area.

What Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Mesenchymal stem cells are some of the youngest cells in the body. These stem cells have not yet differentiated into their final form. This means that these stem cells have the potential to become almost any type of cell in the body. Some stem cells might end up as muscle cells while others might end up as bone cells. Their potential to become any type of cell also makes them a powerful healing tool in the field of regenerative medicine.

Where Are Stem Cells Found?

scientist working with stem cells

Stem cells are located in nearly every tissue throughout the body; however, they are easier to find in some locations than others. Sometimes, stem cells are located in the bone marrow. The bone marrow is responsible for producing red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other components of the body’s blood. Stem cells can also be found in the bloodstream itself. Finally, stem cells are sometimes located in the body’s organs and tissues, such as the skeletal muscle.

What are the Different Types of Stem Cells?

There are different types of stem cells located throughout the body. In general, these are divided into two large categories. The first is called an amniotic stem cell, which are stem cells that are found in a fertilized embryo. The other large category is called non-amniotic stem cells, which are stem cells located outside of a fertilized embryo. There are also smaller subsets of stem cells, such as stem cells that are “induced” and certain unique stem cells that can be found in the blood or bone marrow.

How are Stem Cells Obtained?

There are multiple ways a stem cell doctor might harvest these important cells. The most common method involves the body’s blood. To obtain stem cells, portions of the body’s blood are removed. Then, stem cells are isolated from the bloodstream. Finally, the blood is returned back to the human body. Then, these stem cells can be used to conduct stem cell therapy in Fort Wayne.

The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

3d artistic image of a stem cell for stem cell

Stem cell therapy plays an important role in regenerative medicine. Along with PRP injections, stem cell therapy has the potential to help patients recover in a more complete manner. Regenerative medicine can be used to treat a number of conditions, including joint pain. There are a few major benefits of regenerative medicine that everyone should note. These include:

Non-Surgical: Regenerative medicine can help someone stay out of the operating room. Many people who live with joint pain might think they need surgery to get better. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Few Side Effects: This field of medicine helps people avoid surgery and prescription medications. In this manner, regenerative medicine also works to limit the number of side effects that people might experience. This allows people to recover in a holistic way by seizing on the ability of the body to heal itself.

Why Choose North East Joint & Wellness

At North East Joint & Wellness, we place the needs of the patient first. Our healthcare providers have worked hard to make sure that we provide everyone with access to some of the most advanced treatment options in the field. This includes stem cell therapy and PRP injections. We will work to tailor our treatment plans to meet your individual needs. We believe this allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today at (260) 245-0460

How much does Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

At North East Joint and Wellness, we take great pride in the diversity of services we provide. While we will always strive to provide a well-rounded approach to healthcare, we are honored to provide regenerative medicine services as well. Regenerative medicine is one of the frontiers of medicine in 2021. The goal of regenerative medicine is to encourage the body to regenerate itself naturally. Instead of replacing damaged tissue with scar tissue, regenerative medicine treatments seek to replace damaged tissue with new, native tissue. This will help someone restore his or her functional capacity.

We know that the price of regenerative treatments, such as stem cell therapy treatment, are among the most common patient concerns. We are here to address them.

What are the Costs of Stem Cell Therapy?

doctor showing patients medical paperwork The price of stem cell therapy is going to vary based on a number of factors. Some of the factors that are going to play a role in the costs of stem cell therapy include:

  • How many stem cell therapy treatments someone is going to need (most people get one treatment; however, some people might end up with multiple treatments)
  • The location of the injection on the body (it may change the tools or equipment required)
  • The presence or absence of health insurance that might cover the cost of a stem cell therapy treatment
  • Where the treatment is administered (the price may vary by geographic location)

While it is hard to estimate the cost of stem cell therapy treatment, most treatments are going to cost a few thousand dollars. 

Why is Regenerative Medicine So Expensive?

This is one of the most common questions we hear. Even though it is 2021, there is still a shortage of supplies when it comes to the treatment options offered by a regenerative medicine practice. It can be hard to collect the stem cells that are used in our procedures. It is also hard to procure plasma for PRP therapy. Furthermore, once these supplies are procured, they are used very quickly. The costs of keeping them preserved can also be high. This drives up the cost of regenerative medicine treatment.

Are There Financing Options for Stem Cell Therapy?

Yes. We provide financing options for Stem Cell Therapy through United Medical Credit. If you want to lower payments over a longer time, this is a great option for you. You can apply here.

Does Health Insurance Cover Stem Cell Therapy?

Health insurance coverage can be a great way to save money on stem cell therapy; however, not every health insurance plan is going to cover stem cell or PRP therapy. It is best for people to read their insurance plans and, if they have questions, reach out to their health insurance provider.

What are the Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy?

medical papers There are significant benefits that can accompany stem cell therapy. Typically, following an injury, the body will replace damaged tissue with scar tissue. Sadly, scar tissue does not function in the same way as healthy, native tissue. As a result, people will feel stiff and sore. They might not regain the full use of the injured body part.

Stem cell therapy seeks to change this. Stem cells are young cells that have not yet differentiated into their final forms. As a result, stem cells can become native tissues, replacing the damaged cell with healthy, functioning cells. In this fashion, stem cell therapy can help someone restore an injured body part to full health. This is what makes stem cell therapy so powerful in 2021.

Why Choose North East Joint & Wellness

At North East Joint and Wellness, we work hard to provide cutting-edge medical therapies to people in need. We specialize in chronic pain treatment, PRP therapy, and stem cell therapy as part of regenerative medicine. We have been serving the Fort Wayne, IN area for more than ten years. During that time, we have gotten to know the local individuals and families, helping them with all of their healthcare needs. We provide same-day appointments and free patient consultations. We will work hard to tailor our treatment plans to meet your individual needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please call us today at (260) 245-0460.

Top 5 Reasons People Choose Regenerative Medicine


At North East Joint and Wellness, we know that you have choices when it comes to your healthcare. We believe that regenerative medicine has the potential to help you and your family with your healthcare needs. Regenerative medicine believes that the body has the power to regenerate tissue that has been lost. Often, when the body heals, damaged tissue is replaced with scar tissue. Scar tissue does not function as well as native tissue. Therefore, a regenerative medical center will leverage treatment options such as stem cell therapy and PRP therapy to help the body regenerate native tissue in place of scar tissue. This leads to countless benefits for individuals and families. There are several reasons why people choose to go to a regenerative medical center.

Enhanced Healing

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First, those who choose regenerative medicine will enjoy enhanced healing. With scar tissue, the body will never fully recover. With regenerative treatment options, the body will heal with native tissue instead. This native tissue is far closer in function and form to the original cells than scar tissue. Therefore, these treatment options can be leveraged to deliver enhanced healing.

Increased Functionality

Another benefit of using regenerative treatment options is that the end result provides increased functionality. Scar tissue was never meant to be used to replace the complete function of native tissue. It was only meant to act as a placeholder or a scaffold. Therefore, when native tissue heals the damage, there is improved functionality. This means better strength, flexibility, and range of motion. This leads to a more complete recovery overall.

Faster Recovery

In addition to providing a more complete recovery, regenerative medical options are also going to help people reach this point faster. With the power of treatment options such as stem cell therapy and plasma therapy, the body will be flooded with nutrients that can be used to recover more quickly. This means that those who are sick or injured will be able to return to their daily routine, and the activities they love, faster than ever.

A Reduced Risk of Future Injuries

elderly woman receiving stem cell injections

Furthermore, regenerative medical centers believe in not only treating the injuries but preventing future ones from occurring as well. We know that nothing is more frustrating than completing the recovery process only to get hurt again. This is often because scar tissue cannot hold up against the stresses of everyday life as well as native tissue can. Scar tissue reinjures easily, whereas native tissue does not. Therefore, regenerative treatment options can be used to reduce the risk of future injuries.

Cutting-Edge Treatment Options

Finally, regenerative medicine also uses cutting-edge treatment options. Because this branch of medicine is still so new, the treatment options are still developing. There are new, more advanced regenerative treatment options that are being researched all the time. Therefore, those who trust in regenerative medical options are always on the frontier of the latest in medical science. The result is innovative treatment options delivered by experienced professionals who prioritize the needs of the patient with novel treatment capabilities.

Why Choose North East Joint and Wellness Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly growing field with new advancements being made all the time. Stem cell therapy and PRP therapy are only two of the many treatment options we can provide. At North East Joint and Wellness, we are proud to have become one of the most trusted healthcare providers in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

We always place the patient and his or her family first. We work hard to get to know all of our patients on an individual basis. To that end, we provide free patient consultations and same-day appointments. We believe that every treatment decision that is made should be made in concert with the patient. We will take the time to explain everything to you clearly so that you can make an educated decision. To learn more about our services, please call us today at (260) 245-0460 or visit us online!