Tennis Elbow Treatment in Fort Wayne
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There are lots of people who grow up playing sports because they are a great way to learn about teamwork, stay in shape, and push oneself to improve. Sometimes, people are able to continue playing sports even into their adulthood. One example of a common sport that fits this mold is tennis. Tennis is a great way to build both endurance and strength; however, injuries can happen. One of the injuries that people might experience is actually called tennis elbow. This is a painful injury that might make it hard for someone to keep playing. Fortunately, with the help of a trained medical professional, those who have been diagnosed with this injury can make a full recovery.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is the term used to describe a medical condition that is actually called lateral epicondylitis. At the elbow, three bones come together to make a functioning joint. They are the humerus, the radius, and the ulna. In the elbow itself, there are two large bony prominences. One of these is called the lateral epicondyle. Muscle tendons insert on this bony structure. When the tendons contract and relax, they move the elbow and allow the arm to swing a tennis racket. With this repeated motion, it is possible that the muscle tendons might become inflamed. When this happens, someone can be diagnosed with tennis elbow. This inflammation can lead to pain, redness, and swelling. If someone continues to play through this pain, he or she might make the condition worse. This is where proper treatment is going to be an important key in the recovery process.

How is Tennis Elbow Treated? 

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Once someone has been diagnosed with tennis elbow, there are treatment options available. People might be told that they need to take a handful of pills. They might even be told they need surgery. There are better treatment options available. First, it is important to take a break. Give the arm time to rest and heal. Ice and heat are also helpful. Then, it is important to set up a rehabilitation plan that will strengthen the muscles in and around the elbow. Finally, regenerative medicine procedures such as stem cell therapy and PRP therapy can help someone complete the recovery process. This is an important field of medicine with key benefits that can help someone recover from tennis elbow.

The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

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Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that helps the body heal and restore an injured or damaged area with native tissue. When someone sustains an injury, too often this location is replaced by something called scar tissue. This tissue simply does not function as well as native tissue. For this reason, regenerative medicine uses procedures such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to complete the recovery process. Stem cells are cells that have not yet divided to become a final tissue. They can be used to replace injured tissues with native, healthy tissue instead of scar tissue. PRP uses the powerful healing powers of the body’s own plasma to expedite this process, helping someone recover more quickly. There are many people who have already experienced the powerful healing powers of regenerative medicine. They are important for recovering from an injury.

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