Symptoms Treated using Regenerative Medicine Techniques

young male talking to the doctor about his shoulder pain

There are numerous reasons why individuals seek out medical care and one of the most common is pain. Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons why people end up missing time from work or school; however, acute pain can be just as debilitating. It is critical for everyone to find a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment plan. That is exactly what individuals and families will get at North East Joint and Wellness.

Symptoms Treated

older man holding his knee due pain pain

At North East Joint and Wellness, there are a number of different symptoms that we can treat. These include:

Knee Pain: There are several common reasons why people come to see us with knee pain. Some people might have a simple contusion from banging the knee against something hard. Other people might have a ligament sprain of the ACL, MCL, LCL, or PCL. Some patients are even recovering from an ACL repair.

Shoulder Pain: Shoulder pain is incredibly common at North East Joint and Wellness. Some patients might have shoulder pain stemming from a pinched nerve. Others might have bursitis or damage to the rotator cuff.

Ankle and Foot Pain: Ankle and foot pain can make it hard for someone to run, walk, or bear weight on the limb at all. Ankle and foot pain can come from overuse, a sprain, or even a stress fracture.

Wrist Pain: Wrist pain is becoming more and more common. One of the most frequent causes of wrist pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. This can send shooting pains down someone’s wrist during typing, texting, or even eating.

Joint Pain: Joint pain can come in many forms. Common locations for joint pain include the elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, and more. If someone has joint pain, this can restrict their range of motion of the joint.

Elbow Pain: Elbow pain is common in numerous situations. Some of the most common elbow pain injuries include golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and a UCL sprain.

Hair Loss: At North East Joint and Wellness, we even see patients who come in with hair loss. We have a number of innovative treatment options that can help people with hair loss in addition to the numerous symptoms discussed above.

Regenerative Medicine Treatments

elderly woman receiving stem cell injections

At North East Joint and Wellness, we specialize in regenerative medicine treatment options. When the body heals, it often uses scar tissue to replace damaged or broken cells and fibers. This scar tissue does not function as well as native tissue. For this reason, we work to use non-surgical, drug-free treatment options that will allow the body to regenerate healthy, functioning native tissue. This comes in the form of PRP therapy.

PRP therapy can be used to encourage the body to heal and replace damaged tissue with native tissue once again. PRP therapy takes advantage of the healing components of the body’s own plasma to encourage and expedite this process. This non-surgical, drug-free treatment option has already helped countless people recover quickly and completely. Allow North East Joint and Wellness to leverage the power of this treatment for you as well.

Why Choose North East Joint and Wellness Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has the power to help countless individuals and families. At North East Joint and Wellness, we have been serving the Fort Wayne, IN community for more than ten years. During this time, we have worked hard to provide the best possible care to all of our individuals and families. We offer same-day appointments, free consultations, and exceptional medical care. We will take the time to get to know you and your family. Please learn more about our compassionate care. Call us today at (260) 245-0460. We would be honored to take care of you and your family.