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As a regenerative medicine practice, our goal is to help patients recover from an injury or illness as completely as possible. We can employ unique treatment options that may not be offered by other medical clinics. It is important for everyone to understand the basics of regenerative medicine, the treatments offered, and how this can help patients.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine cells photo One of the most rapidly growing fields in healthcare is regenerative medicine. This unique medical specialty combines multiple fields including tissue growth, molecular biology, and medicine to help patients regenerative injured or damaged tissues and body parts. In regenerative medicine, the goal is to restore the injured body part to its normal, healthy function.

This field has grown substantially over the past few decades and has helped countless people recover from injury. Instead of forming uncomfortable scars, regenerative medicine is a non-surgical approach that can help people avoid the formation of scar tissue. By avoiding scars, patients can enjoy a more complete recovery. One of the most important treatments in the field of regenerative medicine is the platelet-rich plasma therapy.

An Overview of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP Therapy uses Red Blood Cells Another treatment offered by our clinic is called platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). Another non-surgical treatment option, platelet-rich plasma has been used in the recovery process from a variety of injuries. This includes osteoarthritis, tendinitis, shoulder injuries, and some surgical procedures.

Platelets and plasma are two of the main components of blood. The platelets and plasma are extracted from the blood by a centrifuge. Then, they are injected into an injury site to assist with the regenerative process.

Because platelets and plasma play major roles in the natural recovery process following an injury, this concentrate can be injected directly into an injury site to further help with the recovery process. This contributes to the growth of healthy tissue and can avoid the formation of uncomfortable scars.

Choose North East Joint and Wellness Regenerative Medicine for your Healthcare Needs

These two treatment options have helped countless patients recover following an injury or illness via a non-surgical approach. At North East Joint and Wellness, our dedicated team of trained healthcare professionals has been helping the families Fort Wayne, IN since 2008. Regenerative Medicine in Fort Wayne has grown tremendously and we are honored to play a critical role in this growth. Our office places the needs of our patients first. This means free patient consultations, same-day appointments and consultations, and an approach that places patient advocacy first.

Our goal is transparency and we want every patient and family to completely understand every treatment option that we advocate before making a decision. We will tailor our treatments to meet your individual needs. Our goal is a complete recovery for you and your loved ones. Our team of friendly, trained professionals is standing by to help you and your family with your healthcare needs.

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