Welcome to Our Regenerative Medicine Clinic!

North East Joint & Wellness is one of the leading Functional and Regenerative Medicine health centers in STATE offering PRP Therapy. We fight for patient health and wellness every step of the way. Functional & Regenerative Medicine is making leaps and strides in the healthcare community, and we believe in the power of therapies in our patients’ lives. Our approach to restoring people’s health and quality of life is by taking a complete look at the whole body history, genetics, diagnostic testing and looking at lifestyle choices. We then combine that data with the latest advancements in functional and regenerative medicine to uncover the underlying dysfunctions.

Our focus is to provide patients with relief from pain through preventative medicine.  We use functional and regenerative medicine to address the root cause of chronic and inflammatory conditions. Living with chronic pain and conditions like osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and COPD is a burden. Our therapies alleviate the impact these issues have on your daily life by treating the cause of them on a cellular level. Instead of managing the symptoms that only provide temporary relief, our research-backed approach jumpstart your body’s self-healing mechanisms to regenerate and repair the damaged tissues and cells.  We use regenerative therapies to sustainably heal chronic pain and injury, making lasting impacts on our patients’ lives. Our dedicated care team is here to help you along the journey to your optimized health.