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Shoulder pain treatment is one of the most common reasons why people contact their doctor and this pain can be incredibly debilitating. When someone is suffering from shoulder pain, he or she might feel like they have trouble with everyday tasks, let alone competitive sports. Shoulder pain can make it difficult to lift up a small object, comb hair, brush teeth, or open a car door. When this pain sets in, it is important for everyone to know some of the possible causes. Then, he or she should seek the help of a shoulder pain doctor to help with the recovery process.

Causes of Shoulder Pain: An Overview

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There are several reasons why someone might be feeling pain in their shoulder. Understanding some of the common causes can help with the recovery process. A few of these common shoulder pain causes include:

  • Overuse Injuries: An overuse injury is one of the most common reasons why someone might be feeling pain in their shoulder. Some of the common culprits include sports such as swimming. The repetitive overhand motion combined with the stress of the swimming stroke can cause severe pain in the shoulder. This can make it hard for someone to practice or compete. It might also include redness and swelling in the shoulder itself.
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries: The rotator cuff is the portion of the shoulder that protects the ball and socket joint itself. This is made up of several muscles that assist the arm in performing various tasks. The rotator cuff can be injured either in an acute event or as part of a chronic injury. Weightlifting is a common cause of rotator cuff injuries. When someone has a rotator cuff injury, he or she needs to seek the care of a doctor for shoulder pain treatment.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis can also cause shoulder pain. When someone has arthritis, the cartilage that provides a cushion to the various parts of the shoulder is degraded. This causes bony tissues to rub against each other, leading to severe pain. This can also cause parts of the bone to degrade, leading to further pain and inflammation. Arthritis can be debilitating and can impair someone’s overall quality of life.
  • Acute Injuries: Acute injuries can also cause severe shoulder pain. If someone falls on their arm or their back, they can lead to a fracture of the humerus or a dislocation of the shoulder itself. These are severe, painful injuries that always require the attention of a medical professional. These injuries can also lead to damage to other structures in or around the shoulder itself.

Shoulder pain can arise due to a number of different injuries. Fortunately, there are shoulder pain treatment options available.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Fort Wayne

Shoulder pain treatment on woman receiving stem cell therapy injectionAnyone who is looking for shoulder pain treatment should be aware of two treatment options that can help someone avoid surgery. A shoulder pain doctor with experience in regenerative medicine can provide stem cell therapy (mesenchymal) treatment and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy treatment. Using these treatments, the body can replace damaged tissue with its own native, healthy tissue. Because native tissue is present, someone with shoulder pain is able to make a more complete recovery. This restores the flexibility, strength, and range of motion to the shoulder itself, allowing someone to return to the activities that he or she previously enjoyed.

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