Knee Pain Treatment at North East Joint and Wellness

Knee Pain is felt by patient in fort wayne as he holds knee

Do you have a “bad” knee giving you a bad time? Do both of your knees suffer from ever-increasing pain and stiffness? Have you recently injured a knee in a sporting event or at your workplace? Knee pain is all too easy to encounter, but once you have it, you may have trouble shaking it. Fortunately, you have non-surgical options for treating most of the underlying causes of knee pain. Here at North East Joint and Wellness in Fort Wayne, we can provide you with natural, non-invasive knee pain treatment that succeeds where painkillers fall short.

Knee Pain Causes and Symptoms

Man holding his knee in pain that is wrapped in a bandage

The human knee may seem like an ordinary “hinge joint” at first glance, but there’s nothing ordinary about the amount of work it has to do on a daily basis. Your knees must support every pound of your body weight that rests on top of them while still permitting free motion so you can walk, stand, or run without losing your balance. These requirements can make the many delicate components that make up the knee joint vulnerable to injury, inflammation or degeneration. Knee pain is commonly caused by:

  • An acute twisting or impact injury that tears muscles or connective tissues
  • Osteoarthritis, or progressive degeneration of the knee joint cartilage
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory condition created by an autoimmune dysfunction
  • Bursitis, inflammation of the friction-reducing sacs that surround the knee joint
  • Tendinitis or chronic muscle strain caused by repetitive motion and overuse of the knee joint

patient getting his knee wrapped from a sports injury that caused knee pain

Certain pre-existing conditions or situations can raise your risk for knee problems. For instance, faulty sports technique or over-training, coupled with an off-center spinal alignment, can lead to chronic knee pain. Excess weight also puts additional strain on the knees.

Knee pain symptoms can vary in their intensity, location, and patterns. Pain or a grinding sensation with movement usually indicates a cartilage problem. Pain along the joint line and general joint instability may indicate a ligament tear or other connective tissue problem. Redness and swelling may accompany acute injuries, but they’re also characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis. Our knee pain doctor, Dr. Osenga, can perform a number of diagnostic procedures to pinpoint the exact cause of your symptoms.

Natural Knee Pain Treatment Through Regenerative Medicine

Patient with knee pain receives knee pain treatment with stem cell therapy Contrary to why you might think, even severe knee pain doesn’t necessarily call for surgery. Modern medicine has given us some extraordinary new options for helping damaged knee tissues rebuild themselves through a modality known as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine techniques use your body’s own natural healing mechanisms to accelerate and optimize the creation of new knee tissues. The two principal forms of regenerative medicine used in knee pain treatment include:

  • Stem Cell Therapy – Stem cell therapy places stem cells (the body’s “blank slate” or undifferentiated cells) in direct contact with the tissues that need extra regeneration. This contact causes the stem cells to turn into that particular type of cell. We extract mesenchymal stem cells from a sample of your bone marrow. We then inject this potent healing substance into the knee.
  • PRP Therapy – PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” Your blood plasma contains cells called platelets that control clotting and release growth factors for the formation of new tissue. We can take a blood sample from you and isolate the platelets until we have a platelet-rich compound that can be injected into the knee tissues that need it.

It’s Time to Talk to Our Fort Wayne Knee Pain Doctor

Our Fort Wayne knee pain doctor at North East Joint and Wellness incorporates these amazing healing technologies into unique, personalized healing and pain management programs for each individual’s needs. Give your knees this high level of surgery-free care today by calling (260) 245-0460 and scheduling an evaluation. We can help you conquer your knee pain and move through your daily life more easily!