Conditions Treated at Northeast Joint Wellness

Welcome to North East Joint and Wellness, the leading preventative care providers in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We take pride in providing our community with a state of the art regenerative medicine clinic. Here we offer a multidisciplinary approach to health care that is non-surgical and drug-free. Services available at our clinic include platelet-rich plasma therapy and regenerative medicine. As you prepare for your first appointment at North East Joint and Wellness, discover more about the conditions we treat and our all-natural pain relief.

Conditions We Treat

Medical prescriptions

At North East Joint and Wellness in Fort Wayne, IN, we have a team of regenerative medicine experts. We work together with individuals who suffer from repetitive use injuries including sports injuries. This includes patients suffering from types of Tendonitis such as:

  • tennis elbow
  • golfer’s elbow
  • jumper’s knee
  • swimmer’s shoulder

These conditions are related to inflammation in the tissue that connects the bone to the muscle, which we can treat using regenerative medicine. Our therapy is beneficial for treating plantar fasciitis, a painful nerve condition in the bottom of the foot. We also help patients suffering from osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease. Another condition you can treat using regenerative medicine is hair loss. Using platelet-rich plasma injections, we are able to help you combat hair loss and regain your natural hair growth.

A list of our Conditions Treated:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (also known as Osteoarthritis/ Arthritis)
  • Hair loss
  • Minor tears of muscle/ligaments/tendons

Symptoms That We Treat

Most times it is the symptoms of a condition that our patients bring to our attention. Below is a quick list of the symptoms that we treat using PRP Therapy here in Fort Wayne and New Haven:

  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Hand pain
  • Foot pain

Treatment for Joint Pain

One of the primary reasons why patients come to North East Joint and Wellness is to receive pain relief in Fort Wayne, IN. Along with treatment for medical conditions, we also specialize in all-natural pain management. Whether you have chronic joint pain or pain due to an injury or inflammation, we can assist you. We help resolve knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, and other joint pain. In addition, if you have musculoskeletal pain in your hands or feet, we have treatments to help improve your mobility and dexterity.

Why Choose Northeast Joint Wellness

Here at Northeast Joint Wellness, we are focused on regenerative medicine. We offer platelet-rich plasma therapy and regenerative medicine as part of our multidisciplinary approach. If you are interested in noninvasive, non-surgical, and drug-free treatment options, you have come to the right place. You do not even have to deal with downtime in between treatment sessions when you visit our clinic. Thanks to our safe and effective therapies, we have you back up and going in no time flat.

Meet Our Doctor

A major reason why we are able to provide such beneficial therapies is our doctor. Dr. Adam Osenga is a chiropractic doctor trained at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has a certification as a chiropractic sports physician and is ready to treat your pain due to recurring sports injuries.

Through advanced training and certification, Dr. Osenga has established the practice of  regenerative medicine here in Fort Wayne, IN. Along with Dr. Osenga, we have a highly trained staff in reception. Let our team show you what we can provide you in terms of treatment for your joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries.

Start Your Treatment Today

Begin the process of regenerative treatment for your tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, hair loss, or other applicable condition. Whether you have chronic joint pain or have suffered an auto accident or sports injury, we can assist you with your musculoskeletal condition. Contact North East Joint and Wellness at 260-245-0460 to schedule your appointment to receive your free consultation for a personalized treatment plan. We do offer same-day appointments.

Contact North East Joint and Wellness at 260-245-0460 to schedule your appointment