Ligament Tear Doctor in Fort Wayne

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When a ligament in one of your weight-bearing joints gives out, you know it right away. Torn ligaments can make walking or other everyday tasks completely impossible. As disabled as you may be, however, you may dread the prospect of having your torn ligament surgically repaired. Thankfully, many ligament tears can respond quite well to less invasive forms of care. Here at Northeast Joint & Wellness, we are happy to serve as your source for non-surgical ligament tear treatment in Fort Wayne. Our ligament tear doctor knows how to use regenerative medicine and physical rehabilitation to help damaged ligaments heal quickly, safely and completely.

What Are Ligament Tears?

The human body gets its flexibility not just from the muscles that apply leverage to bones, but also from the connective tissues that mobilize those bones. Ligaments attach bones to other bones. These tough bands of tissue are just flexible enough to provide the joints with some extra “give” when under stress. Under extreme conditions, however, these tissues can sustain damage that must be treated by our Fort Wayne ligament tear doctor.

When a ligament ruptures under the stress, the resulting injury, called a sprain, may cause you to seek ligament tear treatment in Fort Wayne. Sprains are graded according to severity. A Grade 1 strain represents a relatively small tear, while a Grade 2 strain features more deeply torn tissue. In a Grade 3 injury, the entire ligament may be torn away from the bone. Sprains most frequently occur in the weight-bearing joints, including the hip, ankle, and knee. These joints can suffer serious ligament damage if a limb is twisted or struck while supporting significant weight. One of the most common examples in the athletic world is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.

How Are Ligament Tears Treated Without Surgery?

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Modern surgical techniques can repair severely torn ligaments, but surgery isn’t necessarily needed or even desired for the majority of sprains and ligament tears. Even so, these stubborn injuries can take a long time to heal or heal incompletely, leaving chronic pain and stiffness. You need to make sure that your torn ligament gets whatever help it may need to rebuild itself properly. Northeast Joint & Wellness can provide you with a Fort Wayne ligament tear treatment plan that naturally enhances your body’s own regenerative powers. Your customized Fort Wayne ligament tear treatment program may include:

  • PRP therapy – Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a form of all-natural ligament treatment. Platelet-rich plasma derived from your blood floods the damaged ligament with the growth factors it needs to repair itself.
  • Rehabilitation – As your ligament begins to heal, we may prescribe a program of physical rehabilitation to help it regain its former strength and flexibility.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

patient receiving PRP therapy

Regenerative medicine holds many advantages over more invasive kinds of care for torn ligaments. Our Fort Wayne ligament tear treatment options require no incisions (which cause unavoidable additional damage to joint tissues), pose fewer risks of side effects or complications, and cost less than major surgery. You can think of it as an accelerated version of the normal healing process.

Why Northeast Joint & Wellness?

Northeast Joint & Wellness does far more than just “patch up” injuries or reduce pain symptoms. We seek to help your body rebuild itself as naturally and profoundly as possible, restoring joint function even as we help that joint feel better. From PRP therapy and beyond, we’re your drug-free, surgery-free solution — so call our ligament tear doctor in Fort Wayne at (260) 245-0460