Hip Osteoarthritis Doctor in Fort Wayne

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Do you suffer from an annoying pain in your hip, buttock or thigh — a pain that seems even worse after a longer period of rest or inactivity? There’s a good chance that you need hip osteoarthritis treatment in Fort Wayne. Chronic degenerative inflammation of the hip joint can make such essential tasks as walking a terrible (or even impossible) chore. Medication can only do so much to diminish this agony, so you’re better off pursuing the drug-free treatment techniques available from our Fort Wayne hip osteoarthritis doctor.

What Is Hip Osteoarthritis and What Causes It?

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Osteoarthritis is a form of joint pain and inflammation that involves the degeneration of the hip bone’s cartilage. Your hip bone has a ball-and-socket structure; the head of the thigh bone (femur) interfaces with a socket in an area of the pelvic bone called the acetabulum. A layer of cartilage and a thin membrane called the synovium to work together to keep the bone ends from rubbing painfully. Once these anti-friction components break down, the following symptoms may compel you to visit our Fort Wayne hip osteoarthritis doctor:

  • Pain in the hip, which may radiate to the thigh, buttock or groin
  • Stiffness or a grinding sensation when the joint is in motion
  • Discomfort which gets worse after hours of rest or a burst of extreme activity
  • Symptoms that seem to react to wet or rainy weather conditions

Our Fort Wayne hip osteoarthritis doctor typically treats older area residents whose hip cartilage has simply worn down and broken up over the years. Obese individuals are at additional risk since the extra weight places the hip joints under more stress. A congenital hip deformity or acute injury to the hip joint can sometimes hasten the development of osteoarthritis.

How Is Hip Osteoarthritis Treated?

Medications to ease inflammatory pain cannot actually address the damage occurring in the hip joint — they can also ease the surface symptoms for a few hours at a time. Our hip osteoarthritis doctor in Fort Wayne can administer more useful and meaningful treatment methods based on the principles of regenerative medicine. Examples include:

  • PRP therapyPRP therapy is a technique for removing the platelets from a blood sample and then concentrating them into a substance rich in growth factors. By injecting this substance into the hip joint, we can help the joint components repair and maintain themselves.
  • Rehabilitation – It may sound strange, but the more you keep that hip moving, the better control you’ll have over osteoarthritis symptoms. We can devise a rehabilitation problem to help you optimize your joint mobility.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

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You’ll find that our Fort Wayne regenerative medicine techniques have some distinct advantages over other forms of hip osteoarthritis treatment. For one thing, steering clear of medications means that you don’t have to worry about drug interactions and side effects. It also helps to ensure that the joint is actually receiving structural aid, not just pain relief. Additionally, regenerative medicine is much less invasive (and less disruptive to your daily routine) than hip replacement surgery.

Why Northeast Joint & Wellness?

Northeast Joint & Wellness is the logical choice for hip osteoarthritis treatment in Fort Wayne. Our regenerative medicine techniques have been helping our patients move and feel better since 2009. You’ll receive a personalized hip osteoarthritis treatment regimen perfectly suited to your individual needs, symptoms, and objectives. Call us today at (260) 245-0460 to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation!