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Ankle pain can be incredibly debilitating and people might not realize that this can arise from a number of different causes. Many in our community seek ankle pain treatment but only to confront surgical options. Ankle pain can manifest while walking, running, or even while getting out of bed or walking up and down the stairs. Because ankle pain can be present almost constantly, it is easy to see how this discomfort can lead to significant issues with someone’s quality of life. When someone is dealing with nagging ankle pain, he or she might be wondering how this happened. There are several causes of ankle pain that people should know about.

Causes of Ankle Pain: A Wide Range of Possibilities

Woman Holds ankle in pain Ankle pain can cause significant discomfort and there are several possibilities. Knowing about these common causes can help someone during the treatment process. Some of the possible causes include:

A Rolled Ankle: Without a doubt, one of the most common reasons why someone might be feeling ankle pain comes from a rolled ankle. This occurs when someone is walking or running and they land on the side of the foot, causing their ankle to roll to the side. This places a significant amount of stress on the ligaments of the ankle itself. People often feel their ankle stiffen up and they have trouble walking or running. This can also lead to redness and swelling.

Arthritis: Arthritis is another common cause of ankle pain. When someone has been diagnosed with arthritis, the cartilage that provides a cushion to the ankle has degraded. As a result, the bones in the ankle start to rub up against each other. This leads to inflammation in the ankle itself which will manifest as pain, redness, and swelling. This arthritis can make it hard for someone to walk, take the stairs, or drive a car.

Bone Fracture: A bone fracture in the ankle can also lead to severe pain. This fracture can either be acute or chronic. In an acute fracture, a direct blow to the ankle or foot causes an abrupt, severe pain that will make it nearly impossible to walk or run. Fractures can also be chronic in nature. This is the case if someone has developed a stress fracture. With a stress fracture, the injury has occurred gradually, over time. Stress fractures might not even show up initially on an x-ray. Fractures always require the attention of a trained ankle pain doctor to promote proper recovery.

Ankle pain can develop due to one or more of the issues discussed above. Fortunately, there are also plenty of ankle pain treatment options available that can help someone achieve a full and complete recovery.

An Overview of How We Treat Ankle Pain

Regenerative Medicine Doctor holds syringe with Stem Cell Treatment for patient with ankle pain Ankle pain can be debilitating and anyone who has developed an ankle injury from the causes above should know that there are treatment options available. Fortunately, ankle pain treatment doesn’t always have to include surgery. A trained and experienced ankle pain doctor who has training in regenerative medicine will be able to offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy treatment. The goals of this treatment option is to help the individual remove damaged scar tissue which is causing inflammation and replace this tissue with the body’s own, native tissue. Using this regenerative capacity, someone has tissue in their ankle which is as good as new. This restores the ankle’s flexibility, strength, and range of motion, leading to a complete recovery. 

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